Carrying On

“How do we do it?” is a question on the minds of many, these days. I’ve heard from people who are feeling true despair over the outcome of the election. I get it. Despair is appropriate when we’re facing the possible dismantling of hard-won political and social progress. Despair, however, gets us nowhere. It is a downward spiral that generally takes an act of will to reverse. Isolation is the ally of despair. Don’t let it be. Find friends who support you. Be an ally to those whose struggle may be different from yours. Support a cause greater than yourself. Practice bravery. Be a friend….

Flat Rock, Rippled Pond

One of the joys of my childhood was having unlimited access to the Willamina River that bordered our small farm in Western Oregon. With nearly one-half mile that was mine to explore, I was never happier than when I escaped to its edge to indulge in minute explorations of this moist, boggy, ferny paradise. Robinson Crusoe fantasies dominated my play. By the age of eight, a part of me longed to escape the tensions that were a daily part of life in my family. The river bank is where I learned to skip rocks, catch crawdads, check the boggy areas for minnows, and observe the development…