No reasoning with the unreasonable

It has been a wrenching couple of weeks. The ongoing drama of Right vs Left is only a part of the angst, but not the biggest part … no sirree. Lately, it’s felt uncomfortably close to ‘another day, another crisis’, with many hearts broken along the way. Contemplating the level of heartache across the country, and interacting with friends about it on social media, leaves me feeling numb and creatively paralyzed, but thankfully, not alone. Many words have already been written and spoken — by people far more articulate than I — about the injustice of lives broken by tragedy, I will simply share these thoughts…

Artist… a definition

Artist — a person of any age or gender, from any nation and every ethnicity, who expresses the highest and best within their own culture — as well as the least and the worst. An artist is an observer, a reporter, a synthesizer, an innovator, an educator, and an interpreter. Most important: an artist is endlessly curious, never stops learning, is in a constant state of experimentation, and is continually evolving.     This is true for life so you might as well make the most of it.