It’s been a rough week.

I had to let my Bobby go yesterday. His pattern over the past few months was to have good health, followed by being weak and listless, followed by rallying. He’d been getting progressively weaker over the past few months, which I was told was likely kidney failure. I put him on easy-to-digest food which made him feel better for a time. Because of this see-saw of relatively good health followed by what finally became chronic poor health, coupled with denial, I fear that I held on too long. This past week was difficult. After struggling with the decision, I’m grateful today…

Myeshia Johnson

Myeshia Johnson is on the minds of many, today. I post these icons of Saint Mary Magdalene — who was also unjustly scorned — and the Black Madonna in honor of her suffering. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.  –Jesus, from the Sermon On The Mount As rain falls equally on the just and the unjust, do not burden your heart with judgments but rain your kindness equally on all.  –The Buddha   Washington Post: In Trump’s response to Myeshia Johnson, many black women see a pattern NPR: ‘It Made Me Cry Even Worse’  

Regarding Wisdom, Karma, and Hillary Clinton

With natural disasters following one after the other recently, I’ve heard people suggest that “Mother Earth is angry.” Rather than angry, perhaps she’s simply righting the ship. Mother Earth / Mother Nature / Pacha Mama is dispassionate in her passion. She does what she does in response to internal and external pressures. Whether it’s a volcano erupting thousands of feet into the air, tectonic plates shifting in opposing directions, or a reaction to human-caused climate change, her response is not personal. The self-regulating system of Earth is not bound to ego as we are. Ancient and wise on an elemental level…

I have a theory.

I often hear people ask how women could have possibly voted for trump. I’ve thought and said it myself, more times than I can count. How could they, with so many obvious reasons not to? My theory… It’s possible that women who voted for and support trump were victimized in some way by brutal, narcissistic men. As a consequence, they equate brutality with strength. Aligning with this false strength is a misinterpretation of reality, and is a  way to protect oneself from further harm. Not all women who are abused identify with their abuser. Those that do often wake up…

Your love matters.

Worrying never helped anybody. Least of all, ourselves. And definitely not survivors of Hurricane Harvey. So, in lieu of worry, send money. If you can’t afford to send money, send love. Lots and lots of it. Your love matters. And while you’re at it, remember the words of Mrs. Rogers: “Look for the helpers.”   May this be a time of rebirth. Solar Eclipse, Salem, Oregon 2017   Here’s How You Can Help People Affected By Harvey – NPR American Red Cross – Harvey Disaster Relief Donate to Communities of Color –