Are you “sensitive?”

If so, you know too well how rough it can be to get through a week of challenging, and sometimes horrifying, news.  Reasons for being a high-stress personality are myriad, starting in the womb. Was Mom stressed? Then she passed those nasty stress hormones on to you. Generations of trauma* flow through our collective DNA. It manifests in a variety of personality traits, from irritability, abusive behavior, and paranoia, to addiction and depression. My departed mom is a good example. I believe that she did the best she could, but she had neither a good start nor a good education, and married a…

Artist… a definition

Artist — a person of any age or gender, from any nation and every ethnicity, who expresses the highest and best within their own culture — as well as the least and the worst. An artist is an observer, a reporter, a synthesizer, an innovator, an educator, and an interpreter. Most important: an artist is endlessly curious, never stops learning, is in a constant state of experimentation, and is continually evolving.     This is true for life so you might as well make the most of it.