Two years?

It has been so long, I am almost too embarrassed to write anything.

Taking a quick scan of the past two-plus years, there is no one thing that pinpoints why I stopped writing, photographing the world around me, and even painting.

There must be some gem of wisdom about the creative process, or lack of it, hidden in the reason, though. I’m sure.

The main thing that comes to mind is health. With fibromyalgia and depression, good days are cherished.

Yet, with all that can go wrong with our fragile human bodies, I am in good shape. I’ve learned that there’s always tomorrow for the next project. Surprisingly, a lot can get accomplished with a slow approach and plenty of recovery time.

I can’t promise to post more often, but I can say that this feels good.

Thanks, Lora

My new (literal) digs, a new space and the beginnings of a new garden.

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