Thursday Thoughts

I will often post slightly sarcastic or irreverent responses to popular twitter hashtags.

When Tuesday Thoughts was trending, I responded with “Thinking about Wednesday.”

But not this morning.

With a family member in critical condition in the hospital, with no discernible improvement in these past five days, jokes are the last thing on my mind. What is worrying me, beyond and a part of my concern for her, are the loved ones in her immediate family who are hoping and praying for recovery.

The angst of knowing how sick she is and not being able to help is tough to bear. Being a ‘fixer’ is like that, and there’s no way to fix this. Having gone through it, I know that watching and waiting as someone dear to you clings to life is excruciating.


Helplessness has set up shop, so today I write.


Life is hard and short. Treat your loved ones — and strangers — well.
We do not know what their struggles might be.

Humans are fragile and filled with self-importance.
We often forget how fragile we are.
Life is good at reminding us, however.

We are in this together, so seeking common ground is the only sensible thing.

Whatever challenges you are facing, do not go it alone.
Humans are social animals. We need each other. 

Blessings, one and all.
Be good to each other.

Cloud Drama 1

Cloud Drama, Lora Fisher Photography




  1. Robert Selby

    Thank you for your Wednesday Wisdom, Lora. You are loved and needed. Peaceful power to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Robert. Sorry it took so long to make note of your comment. Be well!


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