Excuse me, Mr Prezident …


A torrent of words continue to be written and spoken and shouted about the cataclysm in Puerto Rico brought on by Hurricane Maria.

My near-obsession with this on-going tragedy has left me at a loss for words, nearly. I could rant. I could name-call. I could point out the raging hypocrisy of the Divider-In-Chief, but what good will that do? Friends and allies will agree with me. Die-hard defenders of this pitiful excuse for a president will not.

Where does that leave us, besides frustrated and angry, and at a stalemate, while desperate people are dying?

These words from Dan Rather, sum it up:

Excuse me

While our ‘prezident’ tweets insults at the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico and continues his obsession with the NFL, people are dying and in desperate need of immediate aid.

There are reports that some supplies and aid are finally getting through, but if further evidence were needed that Prezident Lumpy is a wretched human being with no regard for those whom he considers enemies, we have this from Carmen Yulin Cruz, Mayor of San Juan:

Though there are signs that many are waking up to the reality of DJT’s often bewildering mental illness, there are still those who will be with him to the bitter end. May that end come quickly, and the bitterness be only for him, his family, and his twisted gang of thieves.

Some final words from me:

Puerto Rico continues to suffer under the rule of colonialism. My POV is that Puerto Rico should either be granted statehood or independence once this tragic mess is resolved. And in the meantime, as U.S. citizens, they should certainly have the right to vote.

Today in Puerto Rico, paradise is lost, but it will return. It’s our job to do whatever we can to help make that so.

tropical paradise

Artist: Martin Johnson Heade
Cattleya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds



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