Regarding Wisdom, Karma, and Hillary Clinton

With natural disasters following one after the other recently, I’ve heard people suggest that “Mother Earth is angry.”

Rather than angry, perhaps she’s simply righting the ship.

Mother Earth / Mother Nature / Pacha Mama is dispassionate in her passion. She does what she does in response to internal and external pressures. Whether it’s a volcano erupting thousands of feet into the air, tectonic plates shifting in opposing directions, or a reaction to human-caused climate change, her response is not personal.

The self-regulating system of Earth is not bound to ego as we are.

Ancient and wise on an elemental level beyond anything that we can fathom, Nature is not vindictive. She does what’s necessary simply to maintain or regain equilibrium. And once systems are back in balance, it doesn’t last long. It’s transitory and forever in flux.

If we are riding on the back of a tectonic plate that shifts, or if we live within range of an erupting volcano, our lives are directly impacted, threatened, and often cut short because of it.

Many people have either forgotten or simply don’t know that it’s not just Christian mythology that claims we’re due for another global catastrophe. Leaving the possibility of self-inflicted annihilation through war out of the equation, it’s my contention that what is catastrophic to us is simply Earth doing what she does to restore balance.

It is not personal, nor is it the the act of an angry Mother Earth nor a vengeful Father God. Facing this takes courage, but today, I feel like a coward.

Morning Dew Miscanthus
Perfect Balance, Lora Fisher

Regarding Karma…

Karma is nothing more than cause and effect.

Karma is a function, not a fairy godmother.

Karma is indifferent to our wishes.

Karma is a bitch, except when she isn’t.

Regarding Hillary… random thoughts

There is nothing like posting something about Hillary Clinton to get people that you don’t even remember to show up and begin arguing with you.

People ragging on Hillary because she wrote a book about her experiences in her campaign need to sit down and listen, instead of using it as another excuse to vent their misogynist rage.

Unconscious (and denied) misogyny is just as insidious as blatant hatred against women. It dresses better, sometimes, but it’s still ugly.

The only sense that I can make of the hatred directed as Hillary Clinton is that she symbolizes something that terrifies certain people (mostly men) on a nearly primal level. Her strength threatens them. Her brilliance irritates them. And, let’s face it, her gender offends them.

For what it’s worth, I admire her. That she keeps going — and serving — with the continuous onslaught of attacks, is worthy of respect in and of itself.

Regarding wisdom…

Wisdom is a building where most of us wander around in the basement, bumping into one another yet failing to ask directions to the stairwell.

As I practice compassion, I often fail miserably. It would be helpful if most folks didn’t make it so dang hard.

Wisdom is a fine companion to common sense and compassion.

Wisdom, plus one foot in front of the other, will get you down the road, but first you need sandwiches.



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