Looking Up

We need to spend more time looking up,

Before the storm_9056 WM

watching birds,


studying flowers,

Cosmos 9043 WM

and marveling at insects.

Winged One 8642 WM

For as long as I can remember, Nature has been my source of wonder, my peace, and my solace. From a dandelion growing through a crack in the sidewalk to a hike in the mountains, the renewal that Nature offers is there for everyone. It is the cure for what ails us.

Dandelion WM

All it asks is that we appreciate it.


New Images! Lora Fisher Photography



Prison Gardens Help Inmates Grow Their Own Food — And Skills

Green Cities: Good Health
–University of Washington

Petal Power: Why Is Gardening So Good For Our Mental Health?
–Psychology Today

Stanford researchers find mental health prescription: Nature
–Stanford University


  1. gissiacastelnoble

    Fantastic pics! Thank you for the inspirational blog!


  2. gissiacastelnoble

    Amazing pics, Lora! Thank u for the inspirational blog!


    1. Thank you, Gissia!

      Liked by 1 person

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