Carrying On

“How do we do it?” is a question on the minds of many, these days.

I’ve heard from people who are feeling true despair over the outcome of the election. I get it. Despair is appropriate when we’re facing the possible dismantling of hard-won political and social progress. Despair, however, gets us nowhere. It is a downward spiral that generally takes an act of will to reverse.

Isolation is the ally of despair. Don’t let it be. Find friends who support you. Be an ally to those whose struggle may be different from yours. Support a cause greater than yourself. Practice bravery. Be a friend.

Taking action is the antidote to despair. Creativity is the balm. Even a small positive act makes us stronger: anything from smiling at a stranger to countering negativity in social media.

I put this graphic together after getting my minimum daily requirement of the frightening nonsense that erupts from Donald and his minions. It helped.


Recent and random thoughts:

“Alt-Right” was made up by white nationalists to “white wash” their extremist image and make it more palatable to the general population. Call them what they are: racists, bigots, white supremacists, fascists, neo-nazis, fanatics, lunatics … anything, but alt-right.

If your hair is not on fire at some point throughout the day, then you’re either living an illusion, are with the fringe-right, or both.

There is no compromise with evil.

Compassion does not work with fascists. I’m rooting for ruthless.

Xenophobia may be a part of our collective DNA, but that doesn’t mean that we must be enslaved by it.

We must never justify bigotry and violence in the U.S. on the belief that it’s worse somewhere else.

Learn the difference between assertion and aggression. Counter the latter with the former.

Standing up for what is right is seldom pretty or poetic. Get used to it.

Creativity is not a luxury. It’s a life-line.


How to be your own light in the Age of Trump

Finding Guidance in Activist Art History


House Oversight Committee – 202 225 5074
Request a bipartisan review of Trump financials / conflicts of interest.

Contact your Representatives

American Civil Liberties Union – ACLU
See You In Court


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  1. It is truly tough times. Thanks for sharing my post on activist art history! Sarah Kendzior’s post is such a wonderful one too.

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