The conscious creative life

Living a conscious creative life is a big job. To live consciously, it helps to understand that our lives are lived on many levels simultaneously, and that we are never separate from our pasts.

Super Moon 2013People who work to come to terms with past and present are striving to create their most authentic lives. For growth to take place, we must first look squarely at ourselves and accept our own stories. Recognizing our vulnerabilities — especially those that we don’t like or attempt to deny — is a path to self-awareness, and can help to get us in touch with undiscovered aspects of ourselves.

Without honesty and acceptance of both the good and the bad, there is no possibility of growth — either spiritually or in our creative expression. We are simply adding layers of the inauthentic on top of our already over-burdened egos.

We must be willing to strip away illusions. This takes intention, discipline, and usually a guide to carry us through to any degree of success.  A skilled therapist, shaman, or a spiritual teacher who sees deeply into the heart can set us on our paths to self-awareness and creativity. Wise, loving, and supportive friends who are willing to speak the truth are also essential. 

When we embrace all aspects of ourselves, we can more fully express who we are through our art, whether that’s writing, image making, music, or dance. This includes owning the painful experiences in our past. Admitting to ourselves who we are and how we got here, without self-pity or exaggeration, is the beginning of healing and a powerful source of creativity.

Tips for ‘getting there’…

  • Celebrate the fact that you are a survivor.

  • Be gentle with yourself when it comes to your flaws.

  • Support the healing of friends and family.

  • Model honesty and compassion for your children.

  • Disengage from people who do not support your growth.

  • Compassionately resist self-pity.

  • Stay focused on the present moment.

  • Remind yourself, daily, of what you are grateful for.

  • Go outside.

Beach Walk










Beach Walk, Neahkahnie
Top: Super Moon, 2015 
Lora Fisher Photography




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