Are you “sensitive?”

If so, you know too well how rough it can be to get through a week of challenging, and sometimes horrifying, news. 

Reasons for Cabinet detail soft plastic contoursbeing a high-stress personality are myriad, starting in the womb. Was Mom stressed? Then she passed those nasty stress hormones on to you. Generations of trauma*
flow through our collective DNA. It manifests in a variety of personality traits, from irritability, abusive behavior, and paranoia, to addiction and depression.

My departed mom is a good example. I believe that she did the best she could, but she had neither a good start nor a good education, and married a man with his own unresolved traumas. As you can imagine, life in our home was… uneven, and fodder for my therapist as an adult.

Acknowledging past pains is the first step in healing them. I’m thankful every day that I had wild nature and room to roam as a kid. Being able to run down to the river and indulge my imagination was a saving grace — and one that is chronically lacking in too many kids’ lives today.

Appreciating and sharing beauty, kindness, and humor is a healthy antidote to being overwhelmed by life’s injustices and pain. I’m better at filtering out the negative than I used to be, but it still gets to me sometimes. Learning to cope with emotional pain and manage vulnerabilities means that I’m more effective in the day-to-day aspects of life, especially communications and creativity.

If you are one of the “sensitives”, and find yourself revisiting that semi-paralyzed emotional state that happens when too much negativity comes your way, do your best to remind yourself that it is temporary. Most importantly, connect with supportive (and funny) friends — and get outside!


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