Happier than I expected…

Letting go of my role as an artist’s rep in 2012 made me happier than expected.

yellow flower maroon heart WM


Representing artists was an unmatched experience that ultimately left me feeling less than fulfilled. The reasons for this change of heart are complex, so I will keep it short and to the point.

REASON #1:  It makes me happy because I found that representing other artists, which I once used to love, was no longer satisfying that deepest creative part of myself.

REASON #2 After numerous years working to bring much needed attention to truly deserving artists, I realized that a rep cannot live on praise alone, and neither can an artist.

REASON #3:  The first year was exciting and gratifying beyond expectation, with artists from as far away and diverse New York, Texas, Hawai’i, and Australia. I found that the self-imposed pace of 50-60 hour weeks for any great length of time was unrealistic. At two years, I’d reached my limit, with a lot of satisfaction in the interim. Extraordinary artists showed up who appreciated what I was doing, and who got coveted exposure and name recognition because of it. I’m proud to have represented each of them.

REASON #4:  Attempting to sell art, the ultimate luxury in many minds, in the midst of a recession was a bit of a fool’s errand. Happily, things are looking up for artists and the art market.

REASON #5:  I’m onto the next creative adventure, and I’m loving it! 

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