Exhibit online? Eight good reasons…

1) Innovation …

Virtual galleries continue to be the fastest growing segment of the fine art industry, as well as the most innovative when it comes to presentation, content, and promotions. Creative entrepreneurs — presenters and exhibitors — are innovators and leaders, both culturally and economically.

2) World-wide audience …

Exhibiting with a savvy gallery gets your name and your art in front of a global audience of potential collectors. This may be the strongest reason of all to consider exhibiting with a web-based gallery.

3) Career development …

Exhibiting online is one of the surest ways to launch your career and relaunch your enthusiasm. It’s a powerful proactive step that says that you are a professional and that you take your career seriously. Plus, gallery representation is an excellent résume builder.

4) Connection …

We all ‘get’ the power of Social Media and its ability to connect us in ways that were not possible a generation ago. There are several questions to ask when doing your research on a site.

  • Does the gallery show up in searches?
  • Is there an active on-line presence with an integrated marketing program?
  • Do they have a dynamic Facebook page? An active Twitter account? A Google+ page?

These guidelines are your assurance that marketing is high on their list of priorities and ensures that the gallery and your name are getting ‘out there’ frequently and consistently.

5) Integrity …

Does the curator or gallery have a verifiable reputation and boots-on-the-ground experience? Will you have access to this flesh-and-blood person via phone or email if you have questions? Are you treated with respect and responsiveness?

6) Personal attention …

When reviewing the site, does it appear that you will be one of hundreds of other artists vying for attention? Or, will you be promoted within a smaller, select group of artists?

7) Promotions …

Exhibiting online frees the artist from the need to worry about marketing and promotions, allowing for increased focus on creativity.

8) Economics …

Many web-based galleries require high monthly or annual fees, making exhibiting with these entities a challenging prospect for most emerging and mid-career artists. They also often require long-term commitments from their exhibitors. Look for a gallery that is artist-friendly with reasonable rates for their services and a short-term initial commitment.

As with every commitment we make, research is key before signing on. If the above conditions are met, the chances are excellent that yours will be a positive experience.

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